It's all about passion

We took a path where the main goal is to link learning and fun. Mountain sports are for us a way to keep on growing by staying connected to nature. Our key words are: grow, play, fun, stay fit and healthy, group bounding, friendship and learn to live group dynamics.


winter in CORTINA

During the winter season, from December to the beginning of May, Giocalosport offers different types of activities. Each activity is built up for specific levels, in order to learn or improve skills on the slopes. The goal of our team , driven by the passion, will take the best out of the student to let him have a good time on the slopes and feel comfortable and independent on skis.

Summer in cortina

One shared main goal: arouse passion for the mountains and for sports in general. During the summer the activities are many and different! Find out more, contact us and ask for the program!

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring our “students” to a high and technical level. We try to achieve this goal by let the students live any sport in a fun and natural way. The age range of our groups is mostly between the age of 3 and 16.

Giocalosport was born back in the 90s by a brilliant idea of ski and sail instructors. Out of two different but similar sports they’ve chosen their lifestyle and a passion to be shared.In 2003 Giocalosport becomes an Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica.

Giocalosport’s method is based on learning different disciplines. This choice has been taken in order to amplify and ameliorate personal attitudes, to develop a vaste knowledge of the body and its many possibilities of movements. Moreover our method concerns as well the will to create and stimolate interpersonal relations and how to relate independency and consciousness since the young age. This is really important, not only to be a good athlete, but also in the everyday life.

Students, if in need, can have lessons in English. Giocalosport’s team is fully capable of teaching to anyone coming from anywhere in the world.


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