To Giocalosport technique is really important. The students are helped from the really beginning. This means they are first helped in choosing the best equipment and in the growth of their attitude towards the vaste world of sports. In particular skiing is enriched by many new experiences in order to help the student not only to learn new skills, but also to behave in certain situations, and always feel safe. This is why Giocalosport offers a “nights out – sleeping in a lodge”, experiencing skiing at sunset time, and many other group activities. During a ski school day, Giocalosport offers preparatory activities, studied and made to develop in each student different abilities and create a group bounding.

Freeride: this let you learn and improve off-piste skiing (steep and not), and enjoy powder days. Get some adrenaline flowing! First steps will be on the side of the slopes, then in the woods, till when you reach a good level and you feel safe enough to join the group of the off-piste tours.

Road to competitions: We organize training on GS courses. Why do we do this? Having to ski in between gates and/or obstacles, gives the student a wider range of athleticism and, for those who’d like too, this is the best way to begin a racer career.

Snowboard: the name of this discipline says it all. Snowboarding is fun and let you train and gain balance skills! We offer this activity for kids from 7 years old and up.

Telemark: Free the heel! With all the new materials available on the market this classy discipline, father of the nowadays skiing, is fun, easy and makes you feel carefree for the moment! Once you try it you’ll never let it go!

Snow-blades: In Italy we call them big foot, ‘cause we have them in a shape of a big foot! Why would you try it? To improve balance and have a super fun day, different  from the others!

Freestyle: Gear up with some twin tips and you’ll start with some easy tricks! Once you get a bit more familiar with this discipline you will be able to try out what you’ve learned in a snow park! In absolute safety you’ll become familiar with switch skiing (backwards) , jumps and other air tricks (spins, ollies and shiftys).

Different levels, let’s start from the beginners...

Level 0, absolute beginner: if you never skied before, one of our instructors will follow the student (s) one by one or maximum two per time

Intermediate level: The student reaches this level when he knows how to handle speed and how to behave in different situations. This macro level have different sub- levels (level 3, 4, 5,) and students are divided in groups by capacities. If the students are kids they are divided as well according to their age.The number of people in a group is limited, not more than 4 students per group. We limit our classes so the instructor can be more focused on each student. Moreover we want to create good connections in between the students and the instructors. Empathy is really important in sports.

Expert level: to become an expert the student has to learn different types of turns, handle different speeds, and be able to ski difficult terrain and different conditions. When you will feel safe and you will know how to deal with different situations you can call yourself an expert! Our instructors will be happy to help the student to reach this level. How? They will lead you through different and specific exercises, they will seek perfection in your skiing.


– pick up between 8.30 and 9.15

– 9.30 skis on ready to start!

– Lunch break: 1 hour

– Transfer back home/hotel 15.30 -16.15

Based on the level of the group, Giocalosport offers, each day a different activity. This is made not only to improve the technique, but also to keep high the focus during the ski lessons.

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